About Us


Meet Catherine!

Why did you want to own your own business?

I guess you could say it is in my blood. My Grandfather opened a hardware store in Roanoke, VA when he returned from WWII and my Father became part owner before I was born. At an early age I spent my free time at the store “helping”. I saw the pride my Father and Grandfather had in helping people and the joy they got from running their own business. Owning my own business challenges me, which I love!

Biggest challenge with being a business owner and a mother?

Time is definitely my biggest challenge. Trying to balance and make sure that I am there to experience milestones with my daughter and also making sure the store is performing well. As every working mother can understand you feel a pull to be in the opposite place. When I am working I am constantly thinking of Mackenzie and when I am home I am always thinking of how to better serve our customers! The most rewarding part of owning a business as a mother? I think that the most rewarding part of owning a business as a mother will be to show my daughter first hand she can do anything she sets her mind to if she is willing to work hard!

Describe a day in the life at Monkee’s!

You never know what will happen! That is one of my favorite things about my job! We start the day by cleaning and restocking the store, checking messages from the night before and start work on our “to do” list which normally includes redoing displays and special ordering items. We quickly set aside our projects to help our customers and catch up over coffee. Soon the UPS man stops in with our shipment of the day and we open and price all our fun new arrivals! It’s like Christmas everyday! Lunch is typically on the go as we are helping customers, working on shipments and planning our next advertisement, social media post or email. At the end of the day I typically go back and actually start on the morning to do list.